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Revolutionizing Workspace: ADP Transforms Savills Office in Ho Chi Minh City

Area750 sqm
Completion day2021
IndustryReal Estate Services

In the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, a revolutionary transformation has taken place that seamlessly blends the essence of professionalism with the vibrancy of youth culture. ADP, a pioneering workplace design and build company in Vietnam, has breathed new life into the office of the globally renowned real estate agency, Savills. The result? A dynamic and cutting-edge workspace that reflects both Savills' leadership in the property industry and the contemporary demands of the modern workforce.


Setting the Stage

As one of the world’s leading property agencies with expertise in local and international property, Savills Vietnam wants to create a new premium building demonstrating Savills’ leadership and expertise and support the modern Hybrid workstyle.

Savills, a prominent name in the world of real estate, was faced with the challenge of adapting to the evolving landscape of workstyles while continuing to demonstrate their unparalleled expertise in local and international property. Enter ADP, armed with their expertise in designing workspaces that transcend the conventional and embrace innovation. The collaborative endeavor between Savills and ADP was driven by the vision of creating a premium office space that not only showcases Savills' leadership but also aligns with the demands of the modern hybrid workstyle.


Balancing Design Elements

At the heart of the new Savills office lies a thoughtful duality of design - a public side that exudes professionalism and a dynamic employee-centric section that resonates with the youthful and open culture of Savills. The spatial arrangement is a harmonious blend of these two facets, where aesthetics meet functionality, and tradition meets innovation.

The professional aspect is meticulously designed to uphold the reputation of Savills as a global leader in the property industry. Every corner radiates sophistication, projecting an aura of authority that aligns with the company's established status. On the other hand, the more dynamic section is curated to encapsulate the spirit of Savills' young and energetic workforce. It serves as a testament to the company's commitment to nurturing a work environment that aids in recruitment, retention, and employee well-being.


A Symphony of Insights

Central to ADP's design philosophy is understanding the client's needs on a profound level. This journey begins with the Workplace Index Survey, a comprehensive exploration of both Savills and their employees' experiences within the previous workspace, coupled with their expectations for the new one. This approach ensures that the transformation isn't just a superficial change in aesthetics but a holistic evolution that addresses the core requirements of the workforce.

The survey's insights laid the foundation for the new layout, which efficiently optimizes the available space to accommodate the growing number of employees. The design is a response to the collective desire for a more conducive work environment, fostering collaboration and interaction. Through the implementation of an open floor plan and flexible work settings, the new office breathes life into the concept of an activity-based workplace, promoting shared areas and unique work settings.


Beyond Boundaries

The partnership between ADP and Savills extends beyond bricks and mortar. It encapsulates a shared vision of redefining the workspace, not just as a place where work is done, but as a canvas that expresses the company's ethos and aspirations. The new office transcends the conventional definition of a workplace, becoming a living embodiment of Savills' values, culture, and commitment to innovation.

In a world where the lines between work and life blur, where traditional workstyles intersect with modern flexibility, ADP's transformative design for Savills' office stands as a testament to the power of synergy between visionary companies. As the global workforce continues to evolve, embracing hybrid models and diverse work styles, the partnership between ADP and Savills serves as an inspiration for companies around the world to rethink their workspace and redefine their identity in a rapidly changing world.

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